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Comparative Test Performance Score of Mosquito repellent
“MASKITAAR v/s Other Mosquito Repellent Cream / Liquid

  "MASKITAAR" OTHER Mosquito Repellent Cream
Packing 25 ML (Aprox 100 Applications/Usage) 25 Gms| 100Gms | 100ML
Cost Effective Very Economical -
Effect- Time Duration Effective Protection time 7 to 8 Hours on single application 2-3 Hours (Requires minimum 2 to 3 applications )
Usage Single Usage 3 – 5 Drops 3 to 5 Gms
Active Ingredients Natural - Herbs Chemical
Physical Properties Non Sticky Oil. Spreads Smoothly.
Non Staining
Sticky and Stain on clothes
Fragrance Pleasant Fragrance Less / NIL
Safety Profile Very Safe. No Side Effect.
Natural Herbs. Safe on Skin
Chemicals- Harmful

Other Mosquito Repellent available in the market like Coil, Vaporizer, Mats and Aerosols are having a limitation like either use for indoor with less time effectiveness. Whereas “MASKITAAR” (Mosquito Repellent Oil) gain maximum advantage due to long last effect, Non Sticky, Non Staining made up of Natural Herbs and for outdoor use also.

Most Mosquito repellent available in market are full of poisonous Chemicals. Worldwide several studies have confirmed that their regular use is extremely harmful for humans, especially Children.